Top 3 tips for the very best Home Cinema

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We all want the very best home cinema right?
I mean sure, who wouldn’t want to have a system at home that has an incredibly large screen, awesome sound system and in all aspects, be more than any real commercial cinema could be.  But how do you get there?
Here are three great tips to get you on your way…

Tip 1 – Use an Expert

Ok, probably not so surprising and for those great DIYers out there I can almost hear your “boos”.  In all honesty, if you are happy to do a lot (and I mean a lot) of research and feel comfortable in doing it yourself, go for it!  Have fun!
However in reality if you want the utmost best, use the best.  I am very much able (well at least I think so) to build my own fence or paint my own walls.  The thing is, yep I can do all this, but in reality if I used an expert it saves me time (and a lot of crying and swearing), and if I get the right expert I get a completed job done faster and far better than I can ever hope to have achieved.
This is because these people do this day in day out.  They live and breathe this and they have years of experience, sometimes decades.  They will be up with the latest and greatest and also be aware of the pitfalls and possibilities.
men is screaming for help with megaphone while bathroom flooding

Getting an expert often means avoiding a disaster

Tip 2 – Think of a real cinema

Sounds simple right?  Basically if you want a great home cinema, design it in a similar manner to a real commercial cinema.  I do not mean go out and get all their products, put massive drapes on your walls etc, I mean follow their set up in concept.  Commercial cinemas in the main are rectangular, so look at making your room similar…do not go for a square room. When determining how big to make the room, think of where you sit in the cinema and how that would work into your room.
Look at how things are done in a commercial cinema such as : projector and projection screen (not a TV), anamorphic (or cinemascope) screen, speakers on walls, carpet on the floors etc. The more you make your room in the concept design of the cinema the better it will be.  You do not have to do it all however as some aspects of a Commercial Cinema are impractical for a Home Cinema, but take into account the basics.
Home Cinema

You can achieve a real cinema at home with the right planning


Tip 3 – You get what you pay for

Seriously…this is quite a simple premise but so many times we see people walk away with “something at a lower price” as they were sold into it or cannot resist the “bargain of the century”. Cheaper will mean a lower price of course, but also lower elsewhere.  There are no magic formulas to being cheaper and there is always someone else around the corner who can be even more cheaper.
To make something cheaper you have to lower quality or take something out, which for a Home Cinema could mean less service and poor design, or inferior products amongst other things. There are no miracles here.  Be wary of those that will sell you on price rather than actually achieving a result…and beware the offer of a system at 30% less than your budget with the assurance that it will perform to the same level as if you spent your original budget.  This is very, very, very rare to be true.
For more information on how to get the best Home Cinema, feel more than welcome to download our Essential Guide to Home Cinemas.
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