Audio transparent projector screens – which material is best?

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This is a common question I come across when people are building their home theatre.  They decide that they want to have speakers behind the screen to get the most authentic performance (as close to cinema) in audio.  The problem is which Acoustic Transparent Projector screen material do I go for – Acoustic Weave or Microperferated?  It can be quite confusing.

A Microperferated screen is a material (generally a plastic or similar material) with thousands of small holes in the screen which allows sound to pass through.  An Acoustic Woven screen is as it sounds, rather than having regular spaced holes it is done via a weave (just as you weave clothes) which creates an uneven pattern of very small holes which allows sound through but the holes cannot be seen.

Both screens have the same result…place your speakers behind the screen and the speakers disappear and sound comes through the screen.  The choice to go with one of these types of screens versus a screen such as Black Diamond or Slate (solid screens where the speakers cannot be fixed behind) generally comes down to how you want the room to look (hidden speakers vs non-hidden and can often depend on how good your speakers actually look), whether you have the space in the room to place the speakers behind the screen or whether you want the utmost best for picture quality (which leans towards Black Diamond or Slate) and finally whether you wish to have the sound coming directly from the position behind the screen…mirroring a cinema setup which is more of an acoustic priority.

If you decide that having speakers behind the projector screen is the way for you, then the choice of your material will determine the installation requirements and any acoustic adjustments that need to be made accordingly.  Below is a link regarding some information that will give you some factors to consider.

Acoustic Weave vs Microperferated Screens

Ultimately the choice is yours, but it is good to be aware of these differences in projector screen technology.

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