Elipson Soundtree – just as much art as sound

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The Elipson SoundTree is a very unique audio product.  Just as much design and artwork as it is premium quality sound performance.  Designed in France by Elipson, it is unique in both it’s looks as well as how it covers an area with sound.

The Elipson SoundTree is a perfect statement piece for any situation – be it a trendy new bar / restaurant, foyer of a business or anyone’s living room.

There is currently only one SoundTree on display in Australia and is right here in Perth!  Kaiser AI has this on display at ARQ Designs, 27 Howe Street Osborne Park.  I would encourage anyone who is interested in audio or interested in the area of design in audio to have a look and listen.

Visit http://www.elipson.com/en/model/220_Sound-Tree.html for more information on the SoundTree

Elipson Soundtree elipson 2

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