Speakers that match your decor

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Do you find that the speakers you buy today are limited in design?  Even if you find speaker manufacturers that can custom make a colour it costs a fortune?  Will fear not anymore!  Right here in Perth, Kaiser AI has done just that.  They brought in a pair of the fantastic Linn Majik 140 (a legendary Scottish audio company, the brand used by the royal family) as just plain non finished speakers, fully functional but with no finish.

Then they searched for the absolute best painter in Perth to create a unique finish – rust.  The idea here was to create a rust finish at an affordable price and avoid the issue with using real metal (which is not an easy task when it comes to use with speakers).  The result, unbelievably brilliant!  Kaiser AI have these on display at ARQ Designs – 27 Howe Street Osborne Park.  I would highly recommend going and having a look (and also a listen).  It is possible to have many different finishes tailored perfectly to your decor requirements.


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