Imagine building without plans…is it possible?

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Imagine building without plans…is it possible?

Imagine building a home without properly detailed plans.

What do I mean here?  Let’s have a closer look at this concept.

Here is a building design that I sketched up (well at least a ground floor).


Ok, so I am no Picasso, but this sketch definitely gives you an idea of how your home would look

Not bad right? I mean it shows where the rooms are, where the bathrooms are and gives you an idea of the layout, so surely this is enough to build your home successfully?

Great!  So let’s start building based on this sketch.

It isn’t long however before we hit a few snags.

You see we have arranged to pour the concrete but since it is only a sketch, the concreter has guessed how big the pad needs to be.  Anyway, should be ok…right?  I am sure all the other things will come together nicely.

So now it is time for the bricks to start going up.  Whoops, another snag.  The windows are not in the right positions (the tradespeople had to sort of put them where they looked like they should be based on the plans) and due to the concrete pour being wrong the room sizes are wrong.

Oh well, let’s keep going then anyway.

Now for the kitchen.

Oops, wrong cabinet types and sizes.  Also, we forgot to put plumbing in as it wasn’t detailed on the plans so it wasn’t done. Bugger, another issue.

We can keep going here but I am sure you are truly getting the picture.

Now here is the same building on a detailed designed house plan.


The same sketched plans created by a designer. Notice the amount of detail and specification. However whilst you may get a sketch for free, you would need to pay for the amount of work that is done to create this

Notice all the details and the specifications.  Having plans like this results in several very important aspects:

  • It is clearly laid out what has to be built and to what specifications (heights, lengths, positions) – all exact measurements…there is no guessing
  • It takes into account all the requirements for a build to be successfully completed and compliant
  • It ensures that everyone is on the same page and if there are any questions or something has been done incorrectly, then there are very clear plans to check
  • It acts as a reference point to ensure everything is being done correctly during the building process
  • Not having to guess at things means that tradespeople can more quickly go about their work knowing exactly what they need to do, so the costs in labour are reduced hugely
  • It ensures that all aspects have been looked at and taken into account

…and most importantly of all…it ensures that it all actually works together for a great result and is fit for the intended purpose.

In the first case of the “sketch” you could theoretically build a house based on this , but imagine the time it would take, the hassles it would create and the mistakes that would be made.

All this extra time and mistakes, they cost money and lots of it!

There is also pretty much a guarantee that what you originally wanted is not what you end up with.

Hard to think of doing this, isn’t it?


So why then, do so many people end up building their Home Cinema or their Home AV Systems based on sketches and not real plans?

Why does this differ?

How can a sketch be designed correctly? How hard does it make it for the installer to do it correctly and in a timely fashion?

We know first hand of so many situations where a plan has been at best a sketch (and in some cases nothing at all other than a list of products) and that the people installing the job have wasted many hours on trying to make something work without a detailed plan to base it on.

This results in one of a few things :

  • A rushed job where things are not finished well
  • A “she’ll be right” attitude
  • Additional costs to you.  Extra labour charges, changes in products, additional products and more.  The lack of proper planning leads to these issues and unexpected costs
  • A low-performance outcome as corners get cut.  Due to increased costs, if these are not passed on something else has to happen to make it work
  • A bad system design and often resulting in an incorrect setup
  • Incorrect products being used

The reason why you have properly designed building plans applies to the same reason as to why you want this for your Home Cinema or Home AV Solution.

Home Cinema

Home Cinemas and anything Audio Visual only come out looking and working to a high standard with great designs in the first place

A sketch is not enough…even if it is done on a computer that makes it look more professional.

You need details.
You need planning.
You need design.

The process which by such plans are created ensures that all possibilities are assessed, by nature it creates a need to think and results in a higher performing system.

So whilst a proper design may cost you upfront, you will definitely save time and money during the process and ensure you get the high-performance system you wanted in the first place.


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