The Ultimate Home Cinema

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Real Cinema at Home

So here is the question, if you could have the absolute Ultimate Home Cinema what products would you need?

For most of us we are talking fantasy land here…but for those of us either lucky enough to earn a very, very, very high income or to have hit the jackpot with Lotto, this is a system that you could have to achieve the Ultimate Home Cinema!


Audio System : Steinway Lygndorf

Steinway Lygndorf are known as “The World’s Finest Audio Systems”.  In all truth, if the commercial cinemas had the desire to go absolute top end, they would put Steinway Lygndorf Product in their cinemas.

To really achieve that awe inspiring, spine tingling sensation in your better than Commercial Cinema at Home, the top of the line Model LS from Steinway Lygndorf is the only way to go!

The bonus with Steinway Lygndorf is that you get their Roomperfect calibration system that is considered to be the best calibration system going around!  Calibration is required just like tuning is for your car, in order to get the best performance from your Home Cinema system.

So the Model LS 7.6.4 configuration would consist of :

• 12 x Model LS L/R/C Modules

• 2 x Model LS Surround (side)

• 2 x Model LS Surround (Rear)

• 6 x Model LS Boundary Woofer

• 1 x Model P200 Surround Processor

• 6 x Model A2 Amplifier (4 channels x 400 Watts)

• 4 x Model IW-V In-Wall/CeilingSpeaker

• 1 x Standard Remote Control

And looks something like this :


The amazing Steinway Lygndorf Model LS System

So how much for this system? Well you would be looking at just shy of $600 000…but that does include all (and the many) speakers, huge array of sub woofers, processors and amps!  But if you want the supreme best, this is at the top of the tree.

Luckily for the majority of us, you can get into Steinway Lygndorf for a lot, lot less with their Model S system and still enjoy their amazing performance capabilities that would blow most of us away even at this level.


Projector – Barco Residential Thor

Soon to be released, this is the projector that the Commercial Cinema complexes are chasing their tails for!  This is the ultimate in 4K DLP Laser projection and you can own one for your very own Home Cinema!  However look to being set back around $500k once you have an anamorphic lens added (so for that true Cinemascope feel).

If you do not know the Barco name, chances are in Australia you have witnessed their amazing performance first hand.  Over 70% of the cinemas in Australia use a Barco projector for their main feature movie!


Barco Thor projector is a DCI class 6P laser projector which basically means it the most powerful and real to life image money can buy!

If you do not have this sort of cash, Barco are also releasing their 4K Laser DLP Loki projector later this year which by all accounts is getting amazing reviews already and at a much more affordable price (under $100k).

Also they have Orion which is a native cinemascope projector (so no need for a lens or any digital shifting of the image). This is a much more affordable projector for us mere mortals but still maintaining the best quality image in class!

So who uses Barco for personal use? Check out this link to find out more : Barco References

Barco also recommend using their projectors with Screen Innovations and also recommend highly Steinway Lygndorf for the audio solution.


Screen – Screen Innovations Micro Acoustic Weave

Screens are often a touchy subject.  A lot of people will tell you not to invest too much into a screen, but in reality there is a direct relationship between the screen performance and the performance of your projector.

For the case of this Ultimate Home Cinema, we would recommend a 240″ Anamorphic Curved Screen Innovations Acoustic Weave (one which Barco would recommend) for that massive immersive image (assuming you have a large enough room).

By using this screen you can place your front speakers behind the screen just like they do in the Cinemas.  This screen would set you back (at this size) about $21k, but is a perfect match for either the Barco Thor or Loki projectors.


The SI Acoustic Woven screen allows placement of the speakers directly behind the screen. Being a woven material as well, it allows for maximum flexibility in installation


Alternatively, you can opt for a Screen Innovations Black Diamond Screen of similar size for that all amazing “pop off the screen” image, but then your speakers will have to be positioned beside and below the screen.  Decisions…decisions…


SI Black Diamond products the highest contrast ratio possible in a screen, providing amazing immersive images and far superior image to your standard white or grey screens

Either way, the image you will get will be amazing and complete the authentic feel of your Ultimate Home Cinema.


The source is what you will play your movies on.  This is an ever changing world with many options.  For a Blu Ray player (and further down the track a 4K Blu Ray Player), Oppo is the way to go here.  This will set you back just under $2000 for their top of the line player, but well worth it.

If you want to have all your movies at high resolution and all in one place (without having to swap over discs), then you are seeking a product such as Morpheus.  Starting at about $6.5k for this system, it allows you have your entire collection all on one system with no need to get up from your chair to change over a disc!


Morpheus provides you with one location where all your movies are held, easily and simply. It allows you to easily rip a movie from disc direct to the unit as well


Room Design

This is a key element.  This includes such things :

  • Layout of the room
  • Acoustic treatments
  • Acoustic modelling (to ascertain best positioning of the sound system)
  • Visual modelling (to ascertain best seating positions)
  • Cabinetry
  • Wall and ceiling designs
  • Cable designs
  • Interior design and seating choice
  • Cool things – such as a starlight roof, an in-built bar or a themed room etc

To get the best in room design this requires planning.  The best way to achieve this is to use the Dream AV Design Service which starts from as little as $1000 for a Home Cinema and includes not only all of that above, but also determining which products to best use.



So ok, the vast majority of us would never be able to afford this solution (just shy of $1.2 million in total but I can assure you, if I had the money this would be the system I would definitely get and it is one we can design for you).

The real question comes about, can you still achieve a great Home Cinema for a more reasonable budget?

The answer is yes, absolutely!

With the right designs and use of right products you can absolutely get a brilliant Home Cinema and it surprisingly will not cost you as much as you think…definitely not even close to what we have listed in this article.

To learn more on how to achieve your Ultimate Home Cinema, please visit us here by clicking on this link :

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