We help you realise your dream.

It seems so simple but so many people you talk to will only be interested in selling you something. They are not interested in actually finding out what it is you want then helping you obtain that … your dream.

We understand that you are seeking only the best in life, wish to enjoy what you have and want the luxuries that make life not only worth living but also much easier.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and part of that enjoyment comes from having only the best in life for you.

Often when approaching technology companies you may not know what you want or what can be done and feel adverse to entering into this area. We are here to help with that as well. Through our Custom Home Design Service, we create a solution that will help you realise your dream.  We then work to assist you in finding the “perfect fit” dealer for you to implement the design.

There is no pressure with Dream AV.  We are not here to just sell you a box and then send you on your way…we offer a consultative process which ensures that you achieve your goals in any area of Home Automation, Custom Home Cinema, Home Theatre, HiFi, Smart Home, Home Design and much more.

Technology shouldn’t be a dirty word. Technology can do some magic things these days but you need to ensure that the people you are dealing with not only really know their stuff, but back it up. Too many times we have seen people like you dissatisfied, confused and frustrated as you are not being given the support you need. Dream AV and its partners are here to stop that from occurring.

Whether it be a Cinema for your Home, HiFi system, Automating your Home, Control Systems, Energy Management ideas and solutions, Lighting Control, Speaker Selection, Energy Monitoring, Bio Building, Whole Home Audio, Whole Home Video Distribution or if you want everything that can be done in your home – we’ve got you covered.

Dream AV offers a Design Service that will ensure that not only will you get the very best and latest in technology but will ensure that it is implemented correctly for a reliable and excellent result.

What we want to achieve is where you can say “we are amazingly happy with that solution and outcome”.

Dream AV has over 20 years experience in the Audio and Visual industries and combined with our preferred partners, the experience goes well into the 1000’s of combined years experience!