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So what do you do when you start planning for a new home or renovation?

Building or renovating a new home is one of the biggest money and time investments many of us undertake in our lives (and many do it more than once!).  It is a very involved project with a lot of planning and research required and often you will need to approach many new things that you have never seen or done before.  

This is where the Dream AV Home Design Service will benefit you.

Dream AV Design Service

Professional designs for Audio Visual, Home Cinema and Home Automation are essential for getting your system right, first time.

Often when it comes to Home Automation, Home Theatre, Smart Home and Audio Visual Home Design these are often last minute thoughts done at a time where basically you have had enough of the entire building / renovating process.  The problem is that technology products can be complex and confusing.  We understand all this.

Technology is an integral part of any new home build, home design or renovation. Done correctly is will provide you:

  • A better lifestyle and more enjoyment out of life – a great Home Automation system frees up time and provides security
  • Increased security
  • Energy savings
  • Entertainment pleasure
  • Efficiencies – it will save you time
  • Comfort – a great Home Automation system makes it easier to keep your home comfortable
  • Future House Value – it is being proven that a house with a high-quality Audio Visual, Custom Home Theatre and Home Automation system increases the value of your property and its saleability
  • Way of the future – Automating your Home and integrated Audio Visual is the way of the future
  • Simplicity – Automation of a Home makes life easier and in our ever increasing busy lifestyles, this is essential

In order to create your perfect Audio Visual environment, just as you have done with your home, a detailed design is essential so nothing is missed, nothing is skipped and the right technology is used that creates a reliable and easy to use system.



Visualisation of your plans is essential not just to ensure that the outcome is done correctly, but also to let you better understand and appreciate what you will be getting

We understand all the issues you face during your building process.  The only true way to get a system that does all the above and is simple to use starts with great planning by using the Dream AV Home Design Service.

So when do you start our Home Design Service?

Design Service

The chart above shows you the two main process points in our Home Design Service and most importantly when to start with us. It is highly important that we are involved before your house or renovation plans are finalised. This will save you time and money in the long term and obtain the best result for you. This is what makes us different, we get involved before your plans are finalised, not after and especially not when building has commenced or finished.

Our Home Design Service benefits you by:

  • Ensuring that everything is done correctly. Imagine building a home without plans…how successful would that be?  Without plans your Visual, Audio, Cinema at Home or Home Automation system will not reach its potential, may even fail to work properly and down the track will restrict you from what you can do.

It is also vital that our Home Design Service is undertaken at the same time your house plans are being done.  The biggest issue we see is coming to a job too late to do what you want.  This either costs you a huge amount of money and time to achieve your desires or makes it impossible to realise them at all.  All you need to do to avoid this is utilise our Design Service.

Audio Visual, Custom Home Cinema and Home Automation design are just as important as your plumbing or electrical design!


“The Devil is in the Detail”. Being precise eliminates mistakes that cost time and money. Correct visualisation removes the “I wish I did it another way” or “If only I had considered this” scenario

  • Future proof. Planning enables you to set yourself up for the future.  Without proper plans you will not get a good system nor one that enables you to grow your system over time, as very little or no thought is put towards this aspect.
  • Save you time and money.  Rather than having to research yourself and visit multiple places, we set everything right via our Home Design Service.  From there we work to find you the right Custom Integrator to implement the plans and through our tender or direct recommendation process, we will further save you time and money.
  • Avoid getting the wrong products.  We have seen first-hand the messes that are created with products that will not work with each other, effects of using low-quality products, over complicated systems that you would not want to use and poorly design solutions.

Using the Dream AV Design Service you will avoid all this as what we create will be best suited to your budget and residence, taking into account the available technology at the time all through the lens of experience provided by the Dream AV team.

  • Not be undersold or oversold.  Both are bad outcomes.  We have often seen clients being sold functionality that they just do not need, or in some cases not sold functionality that they wanted or scope was not made for it.  Our Design Service ensures that we cover all this completely.
  • Ease of use.  Often systems are installed that are complicated and unfriendly.  Our Design Service ensures that you get the simplest system to use with the most functionality so you will enjoy using it every day of the year.
  • Rather than being stuck with a single Custom Integrator or Retailer, utilising our Home Design Service means we can approach various highly skilled Custom Integrators to give you options of who you would prefer to work with.  This approach will also save you time and money.
  • Access to the world’s leading brands and solutions.  Our Design Service ensures that only the leading products are used in your project to realise the best results.
Planning is essential for Home Cinema or Home Automation

Plans are essential to obtaining the right result for any Home Automation, Home Cinema, Smart Lighting or any Technology project – which is what Dream AV Design Service offers

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