Home Theatre Design

Home Theatre & Custom Home Cinema Design Service

So how do you achieve a premium Home Cinema or Home Theatre?  It is a question we are often asked, but the answer is simple…great outcomes start with great plans.  The Dream AV Home Theatre Design solution does just this.

There is a big difference when using the Dream AV Home Theatre Design Service.

Dream AV Theatre at Home solutions are designed to commercial Cinema principals and applied correctly to the home, only specifying the premium performing products on the market that have been specifically created to provide a better than real Cinema experience at home.

In applying correct Cinema principals to the home, we ensure that the overall performance of your Home Theatre is enhanced.  Each Home Cinema we design is bespoke as each room is different.  Creating bespoke designs is the only way to ensure a premium experience regardless of your budget, whether it is $10k, $500k or anything in between or even more.

Your Cinema at Home is an investment in entertainment and it should be an investment that returns this in the extreme. We create this experience for you. We ensure that your Home Cinema is brilliant and know you will get that spine-tingling feeling every time you sit down to watch a movie.

Home Theatre Design

Quality Home Cinemas that outperform “real cinemas” are obtainable with the right Design and Specification

There is a big difference between a Home Theatre and a Dream AV Home Theatre. The entire design service is the most comprehensive process on offer.  We go well beyond pretty pictures as we offer true analysis of your room to ensure the ultimate outcome.

The reality is that with the right design and products, you can achieve a better experience at home than what is delivered in Commercial Cinemas.  When it comes to your Home the approach is different and the freedoms you have to create something better than a commercial cinema is boundless, but it all starts with a great design.


Benefits of using the Dream AV Home Theatre Design Service

  • We create a full detailed design for your Home Theatre including such things as correct speaker placement, correct seating positioning, cabinet/rack design, cooling/ventilation requirements, cabling requirements, Cinema Automation, true acoustic analysis and many more facets that make a premium solution.
Home Cinema Design

There are many facets to consider when designing a Home Cinema, many of which are overlooked

  • We offer full 3D Rendered designs so you can see your Cinema at Home before it is constructed enabling you to have ultimate control over the interior design as well
  • We specify only premium Home Theatre products – many of which have Cinema lineage or are considered to be the best in the industry by the film-makers themselves for use in Theatre at Home.  This means you know when you have a Dream AV Home Theatre there will be no doubts that for your budget you have been provided only the very best
Barco Home Cinema

Barco Projectors are used by over 70% of Cinemas in Australia, however, Barco (from their Commercial Cinema experience) have created a range of products design for Home Cinema use and are considered the best of the best in Home Cinema Projection as a result

  • We offer full acoustic modelling and acoustic treatment designs to ensure your room performs to its’ maximum potential as well as introduce you to calibration (the action of making your Theatre at Home work to its premium level).  This ensures that the products used will perform to their utmost best capabilities
  • Seating and viewing design which is important for your comfort
  • Application of correct Audio Visual design and Home Cinema Design standards which will ensure that you know  nothing is left behind and there is no question that it could have been done better


We purely create brilliant Home Theatres.  Better than a commercial cinema…what Home Cinema is supposed to be…


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