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Why Use the Dream AV Design Service?

So the question exists, why do you need to use the Dream AV Design Service?  Why not just go to the local specialist retailer and get them to create a system for me?

To answer this, here are seven compelling reasons as to why you require our Design Service.

You get what you asked for

A great design service will lay out exactly what you want, clearly and precisely.  It leaves no room for ambiguity and the clarity it provides helps you to make decisions more clearly.  It will lead you to being more happy with those decisions as well and ensure a great outcome for you.


It enables you to properly explore all possibilities

Going through the process of a great Design Service will allow you to fully explore your options.

The Design Service is a consultative process that requires strong 2-way communication.  Often when you see a retailer they may ask a few questions but in many cases they are trying to box you into a one-size fits all solution. Even worse, they may be trying to sell what is good for them and not good for you.

Couple in real-estate agency talking to construction planner

Dream AV Design Service is a consultative process

You also risk being sold on just what is in stock, on special, what the salesperson or business makes the best commission on or what is more profitable for the retailer.  

Many times people are sold what is best for the retailer, not what is best for you.  Using the Dream AV Design Service we work on what is best for you.

By engaging the Dream AV Design Service we explore all possibilities but beyond that, we design a system to suit you and your family, not us.


You get to see what you are going to end up with 

Simply creating a quote with lines of product is easy to do, but this process restricts thought. It pretty much does not take into account anything more than putting together standard products. There is little or no consideration for how it will look in your home or how it will function in your lifestyle.

The only way to do this correctly is to put it down on well designed plans, but you need to be truly experienced to do this.


Anyone can make a pretty looking graphic, but a great Design Service does more than that, it takes into account how you function within the solution

The Dream AV Design service will allow you to easily see what you are going to get, how it will look in your home and take into account how you will function with it daily.


Installation is done correctly

This is very important.  By having gone through a great Design Service, you receive detailed plans.  Those plans will lay out exactly what is to be done.

When you are building or renovating mistakes happen all the time, but the vast majority come from lack of clarity which results from lack of design and plans.

You cannot build your home without detailed plans, so how can you expect your Home Automation system or Home Cinema to come out correctly without similar levels of planning?


An example of bad design. Here product is just shoved into where it can go and there is little or no thought for how this product will work in the long run. This job resulted in the customer having to pay more money to get it done correctly

Anyone involved in your project, whether it is Home Automation, Home Cinema, Lighting Control System, Multi Room audio etc, will know exactly what needs to be done by having gone through a great Design Service.


It avoids arguments and issues

With detailed plans laid out in front of everyone, there is no question on what should have or should not have been done, or how it should have been done.  The Dream AV Design Service offers the highest level of details to ensure everything is clear.

During your building or renovation process, this will give you huge piece of mind and a fall back position if you do ever get into one of those awkward situations.


Detailed designs are crucial to making sure everything will work. Just listing some product and hoping it will work when getting to site only results in one thing…time and additional costs for you…


It will save you time and money

This links to all of the reasons already listed, but using a great Design Service will definitely save you time and money by:

  • Making it clear what needs to be done so if something is not done as per the plan, fixing it is not at your cost
  • Engaging the Dream AV Design Service eliminates the need for you to “shop around” and spend many confusing hours and days trying to work out what is right and wrong
  • It gives you a fall back position.  With the Dream AV Design Service we stand by our designs and we can provide support during the process of implementation
  • You are not (during the Design phase) stuck with a set retailer or dealer.  We design your system then seek out the very best to implement the design, working with only the premium in the marketplace in both products and services
  • You get the right solution first time.  Without a great Design Service, in some ways you are rolling the dice which can cost you a lot of time and money in the long run


With a great design you ensure great outcomes

Simply put, anything that is done in life where you wish to achieve a goal is more successful if you plan first.  This is what a real Design Service does.


Using a great Design Service will ensure you get a great outcome and avoid costly mistakes

For the areas of Home Automation, Home Cinema and Audio Visual within any home, shooting from the hip or low level of planning will guarantee a level of failure.  The less planning and design, the higher the failure level.

The irony is that the cost to you to get a failed system will be exactly the same as if the system was designed and planned properly in the first place.

Using the Dream AV Design Service from the get go will ensure the premium outcome you are chasing.